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Daughters of Earth by Judith Merril

Daughters of Earth is a trio of sci-fi stories. The front cover claims they’re novels. They aren’t. Some of them might be novellas. Others are … novelettes? It doesn’t matter. They’re definitely stories, and thus I shall call them.

The Guardsman

I’m calling it quits on The Guardsman by P.J. Beese and Todd Cameron Hamilton. There’s some reticence in this decision. I’m curious about where the story will go, but, I’m almost compulsively curious.

Psion by Joan D Vinge

Imagine a hard-luck guy from your high-school. He’s the sort of fellow where his inherent bad luck is compounded by the bad decisions he bull-headedly makes and defends, even as his actions cause him more problems. Now imagine running into him at Wal*Mart[...]