Though I've got quite the backlog, I'm always eager to add more to the list. Know something amazing that I'm missing? Let me know and I'll try to find a copy. Love a book on here that I haven't reviewed yet? Let me know, and I'll move it to the top of my reading list.

I own lots of incomplete series. I mostly buy from local used bookstores and sometimes struggle to find these missing books. If I only own part of a series you love, let me know, and I'll put a little extra effort into filling in the series.

Not all of these books are written by women. Not all of them are 'forgotten.' Not all of them are vintage. For one reason or another, though, I think they would add merit to ForFemFan. Hopefully I'm right.

Books I've read link back to my review. I order by author's last name, with books under their author. If a book has two authors, and only one of them is a women, I will try to list the book under the woman's name. If the book has two female authors, I guess I'll just panic? You've got the power of ctrl/cmd + f, though, so I'm sure you're good.

Brian W. Aldiss
—The Malacia Tapestry

Gail Van Asten
—Charlemagne's Champion

Jean M. Auel
—The Clan of the Cave Bear (Earth's Children, #1)

Margaret Ball
—The Shadow Gate

P.J. Beese
The Guardsman

Margot Benary-Isbert
The Wicked Enchantment

Elizabeth H. Boyer
—The Elves and the Otterskin (World of the Alfar, #2)
—The Wizard and the Warlord (World of the Alfar, #4)
—The Curse of Slagfid (The Wizard's War #2)

Marion Zimmer Bradley
—The Mists of Avalon (Avalon, #1)

C. Dale Brittain
—A Bad Spell in Yurt (Daimbert, #1)
—Mage Quest (Daimbert, #3)

Emma Bull
War for the Oaks
—Bone Dance
—Finder (Borderland, #6)

Lois McMaster Bujold
Shards of Honor (Vorkosigan Saga, #1)
—The Warrior’s Apprentice (Vorkosigan Saga, #2)

Michelle Shirey Crean
—Dancer of the Sixth

Catherine Crook de Camp && L. Sprague de Camp
The Incorporated Knight

C.J. Cherryh
—Gate of Ivrel (Morgaine & Vanye, #1)
—Forty Thousand in Gehenna (Unionside, #1)
—Legions of Hell (Heroes in Hell, #6)
—The Chanur Saga
—The Pride of Chanur
—Chanur’s Venture
—The Kif Strike Back

Jo Clayton
—Fire in the Sky (Diadem: Shadowsong #1)

A.C. Crispin
—Starbridge (Starbridge, #1)

Elizabeth Davis
Suffer a Witch to Die

Pamela Dean
The Dubious Hills

Elisa DeCarlo
The Devil You Say (Aubrey Arbuthnot, #2)

Carol L. Dennis
Dragon's Pawn (Dragon Set, #1)

Nicola Devon
House Of Illusion

Susan Dexter
The Wizard's Shadow

Claudia J. Edwards
Eldrie The Healer (The Bastard Princess, #1)
—Taming the Forest King

Doris Egan
The Gate of Ivory (Ivory, #1)
Two-Bit Heroes (Ivory, #2)

Phyllis Eisenstein
—In the Hands of Glory
—In the Red Lord's Reach (Tales of Alaric the Minstrel, #2)

Suzette Haden Elgin
—Native Tongue

Julia Ecklar

Kate Elliott
King's Dragon (Crown of Stars, #1)

Ru Emerson
—The Calling of the Three

Phyllis Raybin Emert
—Mysteries of People and Places

M.J. Engh
—Wheel of the Winds

Linda Evans
Far Edge of Darkness

Cynthia Felice
—Double Nocturne

Sheila Finch
The Garden of the Shaped (The Shaper Exile, #1)

R.L. Fisher
The Prince of Whales

Elizabeth Forrest
Phoenix Fire

Cheryl J. Franklin
—The Light in Exile (Network/Consortium, #1)

Nancy Freedman
—Joshua, Son Of None

Esther M. Friesner
—Spells of Mortal Weaving

Jane Gaskell
The Serpent (Atlan, #1)
—Atlan (Atlan, #2)
—The City (Atlan, #3)
—Some Summer Lands (Atlan, #4)
—King's Daughter

Mel Gilden
—Surfing Samurai Robots

Carolyn Ives Gilman
Halfway Human

Alexis A. Gilliland
Wizenbeak (Wizenbeak Trilogy, #1)

Sheila Gilluly
—Ritnym's Daughter

Lisa Goldstein
—The Red Magician

Kathleen Ann Goonan
—Queen City Jazz (Nanotech, #1)

Victoria Graham
The Witchstone

Sharon Green
—The Crystals of Mida (Jalav, Amazon Warrior, #1)
—An Oath to Mida (Jalav, Amazon Warrior, #2)

Zhora Greenhaugh
Contrarywise (Contrarywise, #1)

Joyce Ballou Gregorian
—The Broken Citadel (Tredana, #1)
—Castledown (Tredana, #2)

Anne Lesley Groell
—Anvil of the Sun (Cloak and Dagger, #1)

Lindsay Gutteridge
Killer Pine

Arthur T. Hadley
The Joy Wagon

Barbara Hambly
—Bride of the Rat God
The Time of the Dark (Darwath, #1)
The Walls of Air (Darwath, #2)
The Armies of Daylight (Darwath, #3)
Those Who Hunt the Night (James Asher, #1)
—The Witches of Wenshar (Sun Wolf and Starhawk, #2)
—The Dark Hand of Magic (Sun Wolf and Starhawk, #3)
—The Silent Tower (Windrose Chronicles, #1)
—The Silicon Mage (Windrose Chronicles, #2)
—Dog Wizard (Windrose Chronicles, #3)
—Stranger at the Wedding (Windrose Chronicles, #4)
—Dragonshadow (Winterlands, #2)
—Dragonstar (Winterlands, #4)
—The Magicians of Night (Sun-Cross #2)

Rory Harper

Tara K. Harper
—Shadow Leader (Wolfwalker #2)

Geraldine Harris
Prince of the Godborn (Seven Citadels, #1)
The Children of the Wind (Seven Citadels, #2)
—The Dead Kingdom (Seven Citadels, #3)
—I read The Dead Kingdom but, for some reason, didn’t review it. Even though I liked it.
The Seventh Gate (Seven Citadels, #4)

Lynn S. Hightower
—Alien Blues (David Silver, #1)

Nina Kiriki Hoffman
—The Thread that Binds the Bones (Chapel Hollow, #1)

Marjorie B. Kellogg
The Wave and the Flame (Lear's Daughters, #1)

Kay Kenyon
—The Seeds of Time (Seeds of Time, #1)

Katharine Kerr
—A Time of Omens (The Westlands, #2)
—Days of Blood and Fire (Deverry, #7; The Westlands, #3)
—Days of Air and Darkness (Deverry, #8)
—Polar City Blues (Polar City, #1)

Nancy Kress
An Alien Light
—Oaths and Miracles

Katherine Kurtz
—The Harrowing of Gwynedd (The Airs of Saint Camber, #1)
—Deryni Rising (The Chronicles of the Deryni, #1)
—Deryni Checkmate (The Chronicles of the Deryni, #2)
—High Deryni (The Chronicles of the Deryni, #3)
—Deryni Magic

Ellen Kushner
—Thomas the Rhymer

Kathryn Lance
Pandora's Genes (The Pandora Trilogy, #1)
—Pandora's Children (The Pandora Trilogy, #2)

Ann Leckie
—Ancillary Justice (Imperial Radch, #1)

Rex Dean Levie
—The Insect Warriors

Sharian Lewitt
Rebel Sutra

Jacqueline Lichtenberg
—House of Zeor (Sime/Gen, #1)
—Mahogany Trinrose (Sime/Gen, #4)

Evelyn Lief
—The Clone Rebellion

Jane Lindskold
Legends Walking (Athanor, #2)

Holly Lisle
—Minerva Wakes

Jean Lorrah
—Ambrov Keon (Sime/Gen, #7)

R.A. MacAvoy
Tea with the Black Dragon (Black Dragon, #1)

Nancy Mackenroth
The Trees of Zharka

Katherine Anne MacLean
Missing Man

Françoise Mallet-Joris
The Witches: Three Tales of Sorcery

Susan R. Matthews
An Exchange of Hostages

Julian May
The Many-Colored Land (Saga of the Pliocene Exile, #1)
The Golden Torc (Saga of the Pliocene Exile, #2)
The Nonborn King (Saga of the Pliocene Exile, #3)
—The Adversary (Saga of Pliocene Exile, #4)

Ardath Mayhar
Lords Of Triple Moon
—Soul-singer Of Tyrnos

Maxine McArthur
—Time Future

Ashley McConnell
The Fountains of Mirlacca

Juliet E. McKenna
—Southern Fire (The Aldabreshin Compass, #1)

Nancy McKenzie
—The Child Queen: The Tale of Guinevere and King Arthur

Patricia A. McKillip
—The Sorceress and the Cygnet (Cygnet, #1)

Robin McKinley
—The Hero and the Crown (Damar, #2)

Judith Merril
Daughters of Earth

Sandra Miesel

Victor Milán

Janet E. Morris
Tempus (Thieves' World)

Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Nightpool (Dragonbards, #1)

Atanielle Annyn Noël
The Duchess of Kneedeep

Lydia Obukhova
—Daughter of Night

Andre Norton
Star Gate
—Dread Companion
—Scent of Magic (Five Senses, #3)

June Oldham

Diana L. Paxson

Elizabeth Peters
—The Jackal’s Head

Susan C. Petrey
Gifts of Blood

Meredith Ann Pierce
—The Woman Who Loved Reindeer

Doris Piserchia
—The Fluger
—Star Rider
The Dimensioneers

Marta Randall
—Dangerous Games
—A City in the North

Katya Reimann
—Wind from a Foreign Sky (Tielmaran Chronicles, #1)

Eleanor Robinson
Chrysalis of Death

Jennifer Roberson
Sword-Dancer (Tiger and Del, #1)
—Shapechangers (Chronicles of the Cheysuli, #1)

Pamela Sargent
—Venus of Dreams

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough
The Drastic Dragon of Draco, Texas (Valentine Lovelace, #1)

Carol Severance
Demon Drums (Island Warrior, #1)

Sharon Shinn
—The Shape-Changer’s Wife

Susan Shwartz
—Silk Roads and Shadows

A.E. Silas
The Panorama Egg

James Silke
—Prisoner of the Horned Helmet (Frank Frazetta's Death Dealer, #1)

Julie Dean Smith
Call of Madness

S.P. Somtow
—The Shattered Horse

Nancy Springer
Chance & Other Gestures of the Hand of Fate
Madbond (Sea King, #1)
—Godbond (Sea King, #3)
—The White Hart (The Book of Isle, #1)
—The Sable Moon (The Book of Isle, #3)
—The Golden Swan (The Book of Isle, #5)
—The Hex Witch of Seldom

Christopher Stasheff
—The Warlock Rock (Warlock, #10)

Caroline Stevermer
—A College of Magics (A College of Magics, #1)

Tricia Sullivan

Sheri S. Tepper
—Wizard's Eleven (Land of the True Game, #3)

Elizabeth Marshall Thomas
—Reindeer Moon (Reindeer Moon, #1)

Amy Thomson
—Virtual Girl

Joan D. Vinge
Psion (Cat, #1)
—Catspaw (Cat, #2)

Denise Vitola
—Half-Light: TSR Book

Cynthia Voigt
- The Wings of a Falcon (Tales of the Kingdom, #3)

Paula Volsky
—The Curse of the Witch-Queen

Elizabeth Waters
—Changing Fate (Fate, #1)

Margaret Weis
—Mistress of Dragons (The Dragonvarld Trilogy, #1)

Catherine Wells
—Beyond the Gates

Terri Windling
Life on the Border (Borderland, #3)

Patricia C. Wrede
—Dealing with Dragons
—Daughter of Witches (Lyra, #2)

Helen S. Wright
—A Matter of Oaths

Janny Wurts
—Sorcerer’s Legacy

Chelsea Quinn Yarbro